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Boynton Beach Floods – What You Can Do to Be Prepared

Published by 911 Restoration West Palm Beach on June 10, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

Last month, some business owners in Boynton Beach, Florida found that their buildings had sustained serious flooding in the aftermath of significant rainfall. Gallery owner Richard Beau Lieu opened his door to four to six inches of water that caused significant damage to the floors as well as much of the artwork that was on display. In the aftermath of the flooding many residents and business owners have petitioned city officials to try and get a better drainage system in place so that the next time severe rain comes through the area the damage won’t be quite so dramatic. While city hearings are forthcoming to come up with a solution, there are some things that anyone can do to keep damage to a minimum in the event of a flood.

How Can I Prevent Flood Damage?

You can help prevent flood damage by having a number of preventative measures in place. In the case of the Boynton Beach flood, the most obvious and easiest thing to do right away is to make sure that your rain gutters are doing their job. They are your first line of defense when rain starts to fall, and although they can’t always keep the water at bay they can at least prevent water from pooling on your roof. Make sure that they are free of any debris and that downspouts are moving rainwater away from the foundation of the building as much as possible. Inspect the windows of your property. Rain leaks are all too common and let moisture in, which can go unnoticed and lead to dangerous mold growth when combined with the area’s notorious humidity. Weather stripping can be applied around windows to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

When Should You Call a Professional?

Call a professional as soon as you see water fighting its way in uninvited. The sooner a professional crew arrives with its equipment the better. If you experience a sewage backup issue as a result of the rain, never attempt to clean it up yourself. Black and gray water harbors very dangerous disease-carrying bacteria and shouldn’t be touched without the proper safety equipment. A quality restoration company will be able to pump water out from a sewage backup without causing further contamination and will also sanitize all of the affected areas. Once all of the water is removed you will most likely require restoration services to get your space looking sparkly and new once again.

What Else Can I Do?

It’s a great idea to have an emergency plan in place in the event of a large-scale flood. Keep some non-perishable food and medical supplies on hand in case you get stuck. At the first word of a flood warning it’s a good idea to move important and valuable possessions to higher ground. Stay safe until roads are cleared. Many drivers are overly confident and attempt to take their vehicles through dangerous flood conditions and find themselves stuck.

Floods can strike quickly without much warning, especially here in Florida, so be sure to make preparations and stay safe!

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