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Important Facts and Figures about Fire Damage and Restoration

Published by Allegra on October 13, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Facts about fire damage restoration Residential fires come with a lot of trauma and financial loss. They shatter the feeling of safety and welcome feelings of unease and discomfort. There are various causes of residential fires, with unattended cooking being the leading one.

After a fire has been put out, smoke and soot residue cause further damage by coming in contact with materials. Fire damage restoration is an extremely complex and comprehensive process that can last for months if the damage is severe.

Here, we’ll share some important facts about fire damage and restoration, which will help you understand the severity of residential fires and learn more about fire damage cleanup.

Read on.

Important Facts about Fire Damage

  • Around 358,500 fires occur in the US each year
  • In the US, arcing faults start over 28,000 residential fires that account for hundreds of injuries and fatalities and $700 million worth of property damage
  • From 2014 to 2018, 172,9000 residential fires occurred each year due to the cooking activities in the US
  • According to the report released by Zebra, residential fires are responsible for 92% of civilian deaths due to fire
  • In 2019, 481,500 structure fires occurred in the US
  • Inhaling soot after a fire can cause severe lung problems and even death
  • The most dangerous part of the residential fire is not the flame but the smoke
  • Regardless of how severe or minor the fire is, it is not considered safe to sleep in a house after a fire
  • Residential fires can lead to emotional distress and can cause depression
  • Every year, around 51,000 fires are caused due to electrical distribution systems that are responsible for 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion worth of property loss
  • In 2019, a residential fire was reported every 93 seconds, and death occurred due to fire every 3 hours and 10 minutes
  • Overheated grease and unattended cooking are the most common causes of cooking activities related house fires
  • Around 5% of all house fires are caused by smoking materials
  • The smoke fire produces is the leading cause of deaths and property damage
  • 66% of the annual cooking fires are started with the ignition of cooking materials
  • Installing a smoke detector in the house doubles the chances of surviving a fire
  • Soot residue after a fire can cause permanent discoloration and ruin wood furnishings, clothing, etc.
  • Heating devices such as wooden stoves, fireplaces, and heaters are a leading cause of house fires
  • The first residential fire reduces the value of the house by 10%, whereas the second fire causes a decrease worth of 23%
  • When the house fire is extinguished with water, the moisture leads to mold growth within 24 to 48 hours
  • House fires increase during the winters, with December and January being the peak months
  • Often times, fire suppression efforts cause water damage on the property
  • Every year, around 23,600 residential fires are caused by candles that result in 1,525 injuries, $390 worth of property loss, and 165 fatalities
  • Christmas trees can cause house fires too. During 2014-2018, 160 residential fires took place that caused two deaths, 14 injuries, and $10 million of property loss
  • Inhaling smoke and other fine particles after a fire can cause shortness of breath, asthma, heart attack, cardiovascular effects, and respiratory irritation
  • Every year in the US, fire cause 3,655 deaths and 15,200 injuries in the United States

Facts and Figures about Fire Damage Restoration

  • Unlike water damage restoration and mold removal, fire damage restoration is not a straightforward procedure. Therefore, the process can sometimes even take 7 months. However, if the damage isn’t much, homeowners can expect to move back into the house in a couple of days or weeks.
  • A residential fire often initiates water damage due to the firefighters trying to put out the fire. Often times, water damage caused by fire initiates mold growth that can cause some serious illnesses.
  • A house with fire damage is not considered safe to enter. You might want to act quickly, but it’s better to let the home restoration company handle the fire damage cleanup
  • There are many fire damage restoration companies, but not all of them are certified by IICRC. The companies registered and certified by IICRC have taken proper training to restore houses after fire damage.
  • The structural integrity of your home can get affected due to fire. Hence, you can only re-enter the property if the professionals give you the green signal
  • Fire damage restoration experts assess the damage, guide you through the process, save items, and remove water and odors after a fire.
  • Many people believe that the odors after a fire get removed with enough fans blowing in the house. But, that’s not the case at all. It’s also important to understand that subtle odors grow stronger over time. So, until the soot and fire by-products are removed, they continue to react with materials. Professional fire damage restoration experts odorize the property after the fire damage cleanup.
  • Fire damage restoration is not just about cleaning the materials the fire comes in contact with.
  • Removing odors from carpets, clothing, and draperies can be really difficult. Only professional fire damage restoration experts know how to odorize delicate items.

On the Lookout for a Skilled, Qualified, and Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Company in West Palm Beach?

Handling fire damage restoration on your own can be really risky. Therefore, it’s important to contact a trusted home restoration company that can help restore your property as soon as possible. One such home restoration company is 911 Restoration of West Palm Beach.

The fire damage restoration experts carry industry-level equipment to extract water, remove smoke and soot, and odorize the property. The average response time of the fire damage restoration experts is 45 minutes, so you can expect them to quickly start working on restoring your property.

Their representatives are experts in fire damage restoration and can guide you through the process. The fire damage restoration experts’ aim is to restore your property to something better. You can count on them, as many home and business owners do.

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