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Understanding Leak Categories and Classifications

Published by Jennifer on July 17, 2017 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Water can invade your home in many different ways, with some being more elusive than others. When floodwaters make their way into your basement or bathroom then it hits you right in the face, but if a leak is the avenue that water decides to invade your space, it can go overlooked for a longer period of time. Call us at (561) 203-1775 and see how we can help you.

There are different water types that can leak into your property, with some being quite toxic. This is why it is necessary to handle leakage quickly and efficiently. From slow leaks under a kitchen sink to pipe bursts in the garage, proper leak detection is key to preventing water damage, mold growth and more.

Below are the different categories and classifications of water to help you be more educated on the situation you may be dealing with your household.

Be Aware of The Different Water Categories

When water leaks into your home it can come from a variety of sources, meaning the water can be quite different depending on where it is coming from. There are three main categories of water and it is important that every homeowner is aware of what elements are invading their space in order to stay safe.

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Category 1 water comes from sources that are considered sanitary and do not pose any initial risk to those who come into contact with the moisture through their skin, consumption or inhalation.

Category 2 water is contaminated to a degree, meaning that if you come into contact with it by any of the above mentioned ways it may cause you to get sick or obtain a rash. It may even contain microorganisms and other matter, either chemical or biological.

Category 3 water is 100 percent contaminated and is determined to be filled with harmful, toxic elements. This water may contain chemical waste, sewage, pesticides, heavy metals and harmful toxic substances.

Since it can be hard to distinguish between these three categories of water on sight, it is your best bet to stay away from water that has leaked into your home from unknown sources and let professionals handle the remediation efforts.

Leaks Can Create Different Classifications of Water Damage

Apart from water categories, there are also 4 classifications for the damage it creates. The water damage that can be caused by a leak greatly ranges in how much of an impact in can have on your home.

Class 1 damage is the most minimal amount of damage that can be done. This can mean that it only partially affects a room and there are almost no absorptive materials in the space, such as carpet or rugs.

Class 2 is when the water has invaded a large space that has carpet or other absorptive present. The water is also known to have flooded less than 24 inches and there is lingering moisture left in the affected space after the leak has stopped.

Class 3 water damage involves situations where the most amount of water is present. This usually happens when water has leaked through the roof and has completely soaked through the ceiling, drywall, carpet, textiles and into the subfloor.

Class 4 is when the water has saturated particularly porous areas that require an exceptionally long drying time with very specific techniques. This includes leaks that drip into brick, plaster, concrete, wood and stone.

If a leak has created water damage in your, just remember to reference these classifications to the best of your ability and contact a professional water damage mitigation company to begin restoration work right away.

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